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The neighborhood farming success partner

AgriMitra is a Agricultural Services provider that has been delivering comprehensive agri-solutions for farmers since 2017. Services are delivered via a network of "Agri Mitras" - qualified local citizens connected and empowered by technology to make the farmer's life productive and remunerative.


AgriMitra Services

AgriMitra exists to solve the critical issues facing our farmers, both large and small. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help farmers facilitate change, achieve their vision and optimize their productivity.

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Machinery Rentals

Pay per use

We are just a phone call away to take tractor and booking rentals or you can stop by your local AgriMitra centre to book your machinery needs. We provide high quality equipments with latest technology along with a trained tractor driver.


Agri Inputs

One Stop Solution provider

Pest infested fields? Poor quality yield? Get in touch with your Agri Mitra to get advisory on which pesticides, fertilisers to use. We also deliver them at your doorstep at marginal costs.

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Soil Health & Irrigation

Expert Guidance

We provide high quality soil health tests and smart irrigation services and advice on the best agriculture methodologies to practice.

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Post Harvest

We buy your produce

Yes, we buy your produce too! We take care of quality, sorting, transport and storage. All you have to do is speak to your friendly neighbourhood Agri Mitra with your request.


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Byrkur, Kolar District

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#63, 2nd cross, Bhadrappa Layout, Nagashettihalli


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